Class 10 Chapter Rise of nationalism in Europe One Mark Questions

Class 10 chapter 1 of history notes : The Rise of Nationalism in Europe.All one Mark Questions are covered.Revise your one word questions of class 10 History.

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Chapter Rise of Nationalism in India One Mark Questions

Students generally face difficulties in one Mark questions of history during Board exams.But, Now we will solve this major problem by providing each and every one Mark Questions of each and every chapter of Social Science of Class 10.Now, let's revise One Mark Questions of Chapter Rise of Nationalism in Europe. These are about 90 One Mark Questions of Chapter rise of nationalism in europe which will cover your Objective type Questions,MCQs based questions and one word questions/answers.

One Mark Questions

Chapter : The Rise of nationalism in Europe  

1) Which french artist visualise his dream of World made up of democratic and social Republics ?
Answer: Frederic Sorrieu.

2) What does Female figure in Sorrieu print bears ? 
Answer: Torch of enlightenment in right hand and Charter of Rights of Man in left hand.

3) Define the term Absolutist ?
Answer: Government which has no restrictions on the power exercised . Example : Monarchial form of govt.

4) Define the term Utopian ?
Answer: A Vision or society that is so ideal to exist but unlikely to actually exist.

5) Which symbols were used by Sorrieu to symbolise Fraternity among nations ?
Answer:  Christs and saints in the heaven.

6) Which french philosopher criticized the notion that nation is formed by common language, race and religion ?
Answer: Ernst Renan.

7) In which University Renan delivered the lecture on "What makes the nation" ?
Answer: University of Sorbonne in 1882. 

8) What is Plebiscite ?
Answer: A direct vote by which people's of region or certain area are asked to accept or reject plan.

9) What does "La patrie" mean ?
Answer: Fatherland.

10) What does "Le citoyen" mean ?
Answer: citizen of France.

11) Give one motive of French Revolutionaries in context to Europe ?
Answer: To help other peoples of Europe to become nations .

12) Who gave the slogan " The people must seize  their own freedom" ?
Answer: Rebmann.

Chapter Rise of Nationalism in Europe most important one Mark questions

13) In which German city, Rebmann philosopher lived ?
Answer: Mainz.

14) Name one member of German Jacobin group ?
Answer: Rebmann.

15) Name the fortress of Germany that was similar to Bastille fortress in France ?
Answer: Fortress of Kassel.

16) Which empire ruled over Austria-Hungrey Region ?
Answer: Habsburg Empire.

17) Who painted the "Planting of tree of liberty in Zweibrucken" ?
Answer: Karl Kasper fritz.

18) Name two battles in which  Napoleon was defeated ?
Answer: Battle in Leipzig in 1813 and battle of waterloo in 1815.
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Napoleon Bonaparte

19) Name any two limitations of Napoleonic code ?
Answer: Increased taxation and Censorship.

20) Name the alpine regions of Habsburg empire ?
Answer: Tyrol, Bohemia and Sudentenland.

21) Which language was spoken in Hungry ?
Answer: Half of population spoke Magyar , while others spoke variety of dialects.

22) Which language was spoken by aristocracy class in Galicia ?
Answer: polish language.

23) Which Communities cultivated land in eastern and central europe during eighteenth century ?
Answer: Serfs.

Frequently asked One Mark questions of chapter rise of nationalism in Europe

24) What does liberalism mean ?
Answer: It derives from latin root liber which means free.

25) Under which rule , all adult males enjoyed suffrage ?
Answer: Jacobins rule.

26) When was Zollverin formed ?
Answer: 1834.

27) At which country initiative,Zollverin was formed ?
Answer: zollverin was formed at the initiative of Prussia .

28) Name the unit to measure cloth in Europe during eighteenth century ?
Answer: Elle.

29) Give one feature of zollverin ?
Answer: It abolished tariff barriers.

30) When was Vienna congress held ?
Answer: 1815.

31) Who was hosting Vienna congress in 1815 ?
Answer: Austrian chancellor - Duke metternich.

32) When was Giuseppe mazzini born ?
Answer: he was born in 1807 in Genoa.

33) Mazzini was member of which society ?
Answer: Secret society of carbonari.

34) Name the two societies formed by Mazzini ?
Answer: Young Italy in mersaillies and young europe in Berne in 1833.

35) When was Giuseppe Mazzini  sent to exile and what was reason behind it ?
Answer: he was sent to exile in 1831 for attempting revolution at Liguria.

36) Who gave the statement that "mazzini was most dangerous enemy of our social order" ?
Answer: Duke metternich.

37) What was belief of Mazzini ?
Answer: Mazzini believed that God had intended nations to be natural units of mankind. 

38) Which  ruler ruled france during 1824-1830 ?
Answer: Charles X.

Most important one Mark questions of chapter rise of nationalism in Europe

39) When was constitutional monarchy Louis Philippe installed in France ?
Answer: In 1830.

40) Who gave the statement that "When france sneezes the rest of Europe catches cold" ?
Answer: Duke metternich.

41) Which revolution sparked an uprising in Brussels in 1830 ?
Answer: July Revolution in France.

42) Which empire ruled Greece since fifthteenth century ?
Answer: Ottaman Empire.

43) When does fight for Independence among Greeks began ?
Answer: 1821.

44) Which english poet died during Greek war independence ?
Answer: Lord Bryon died due to fever.

45) Which treaty recognized Greece as independent nation ?
Answer: Treaty of Constantinople in 1832.

46) Which country is regarded as a cradle for European civilizations ?
Answer: Greece.

47) What does Romanticism mean ?
Answer: A cultural movement which sought to develop a particular form of nationalist sentiment.

48) Which painter painted an incident of killing 2000 Greeks on island of chips ?
Answer: Euglene Delacroix.

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49) Which philosopher claimed that "dasvolk" was to be discovered among German people ?
Answer: Johann Gottfried Herder .

50) Why emphasis on vercular language was important during eighteenth century ?
Answer: They help in carrying nationalist message to illiterate people.

51) Which country was partitioned at the end of eighteenth century by great powers ?
Answer: Poland.

One Word questions of chapter rise of nationalism in Europe

52) Which philosopher celebrated the national struggle through his operas?
Answer: Karol kurpinski.

53) When does poland rebellion took place against Russia ?

54) Name two consequences of February Revolution in France ?
Answer: National assembly was proclaimed and right to work was guarented .

55) Weavers of Which city revolted against contracters for high wages ?
Answer: Silesia.

56) How many representatives were convened in church of St Paul ?
Answer: 831 Representatives.

57) Which emperor ruled Germany before it's unification ?
Answer: Friedrich Wilhelm IV.

58) When does Habsburg rulers granted more autonomy to Hungarians ?
Answer: In 1867.

59) Who were Junkers of Prussia ?
Answer: Large landowners.

60) Who was chief minister of Prussia ?
Answer: Otto Von Bismarck .

61) Who won the Franco - Prussian war of 1871 ?
Answer: Prussia.

62) Into how many states Italy was divided during the middle of eighteenth century ?
Answer: Seven States.

63) Which State of Italy was ruled by Princely house?
Answer: Sardinia peidmont was ruled by Victor Emmanuel II.

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64) Which empire ruled the northern Italy before unification ?
Answer: Austrian Habsburg.

Extra One word Questions and Answers of Chapter rise of nationalism in Europe

65) Which emperor ruled the central Italy before unification ?
Answer: Emperor Pope.

66) Which empire ruled the Southern Italy before unification ?
Answer: Bourbon kings of Spain.

67) Which leader in Europe was neither a revolutionary nor the democrat ?
Answer: Chief minister of Italy - Cavour.

68) Name the interesting fact about Cavour ?
Answer: He speaks French better than he did Italian .

69) What was people's belief about "La Talia" ?
Answer: They believed that La Talia was Victor Emmanuel's wife .

70) When does English parliament seized power from Monarchy ?
Answer: In 1688.

71) Give one feature of Act of Union ?
Answer: It was resulted in United Kingdom of great Britain in 170.

72) Name the language spoken by Scotish Highlanders ?
Answer: Gaelic language.

Chapter Rise of Nationalism in Europe objective type questions

73) Who led the revolt against Britain in 1798 ?
Answer: Wolfe Tone and His United irishmen.

74) When was Ireland forcibly incorporated into Britain ?
Answer: 1801.

75) What was National anthem of Britain ?
Answer: God save our noble king .

76) When Garibaldi led army of volunteers to Rome to fight last obstacle of Unification of Italy ?
Answer: 1867.

77) When papal states joined Italy ?
Answer: In 1870 , when France was defeated by Prussia.

78) Name the allegory of France ?
Answer: Marianne .

79) Name the allegory of Germany ?
Answer: Germania .

80) Which symbol symbolise Idea of Justice ?
Answer: The Blindfolded woman carrying pair of weight scales symbolise Idea of Justice.

One Mark questions of chapter rise of nationalism in Europe in the form of fill in the blanks

81) Red cap symbolise _________?
Answer: Liberty.

82) German Oak stands for ________?
Answer: Heroism.

83) What was symbol of German strength ?
Answer: Brestplate with Eagle .

84) Sword symbolise __________?
Answer: Readiness to fight .

85) Olive branch around the sword symbolise ______?
Answer: Willingness to make peace.

86) Gold and red tricolor flag symbolise ______?
Answer: flag of liberal nationalist in 1848.

87) Who were Slavs ?
Answer: Inhabitants of Balkan region .

88) Who ruled Balkan region ?
Answer: Ottaman Empire.

89) When does Napoleon invade Italy ?
Answer: In 1797.

90) Why was German confederation of 39 states was left untouched during Vienna congress ?
Answer: Because it aimed to restore holy Roman Empire which was destroyed by Napoleon .

Rise of nationalism in Europe One Mark Questions Conclusion

Rise of nationalism in Europe One Mark Questions Above.In this Article,We covered the summary of chapter Nationalism in India through One Mark Questions.
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