10+ Interesting Facts About Genghis Khan | Are You Excited?

Did you hear the name Genghis Khan earlier? Today, we will talk about the ruthless emperor named Genghis Khan. Explore these 10+ Interesting facts about Genghis Khan. Do you know these 10+ unknown facts about Genghis Khan?   Fact No 1  Did you know Genghis Khan had a blood clot during his birth? He had a blood clot during … Read more

Artificial sun china wikipedia

China has dispatched counterfeit sun on 4 December 2020. Chinese scientists hope that a nuclear fusion reactor or HL-2M Tokamak reactor can provide a clear powerful energy source. In this article, You will get full information about artificial Sun China Wikipedia. Do you realize china has effectively dispatched counterfeit sun? How? LET’S KNOW HOW THEY DID IT … Read more

John Lang and Rani of Jhansi : Reality behind relationships

John Lang And Rani Lakshmi Bai  Reality behind relationships  Rani Lakshmi Bai was sovereign (Rani) of Jhansi present in UP, India. She was conceived at Benaras (as of now Varanasi) In 1828. Her cherished companions were Sunder and Munder which were additionally essential for her Army. Jhalkari Bai was duppelganger of Rani lakshmi Bai.Jhalkari Bai assumed … Read more