Class 10 Chapter Manufacturing Industries One Mark Questions

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Chapter Manufacturing Industries 1 Mark Questions

The One Mark Questions of Chapter Manufacturing Industries also covers objective type Questions and MCQs based questions of this chapter. Moreover, these Questions also covers one word questions/answers and Very Short answers. These are about 70 One Mark questions of chapter Manufacturing Industries.

Chapter : Manufacturing Industries

1 Mark Questions

1) Define Manufacturing.
Answer: Processing of raw material to produce valuable products in huge quantities.
2) How industrilists help in reducing regional disparities ?
Answer: By developing their industries in tribal and remote areas.

3) “Industries and agricultural sector are not aloof of each other”. Justify the statement.
Answer: Agriculture provide raw materials to Industries. Industries provide their finished products to Agricultural sector.

4) What is full form of NMCC ?
Answer: National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council.

5) Name the factors which affect Industrial location.
Answer: Urbanization, availability of raw material, market place.
6) On the basis of source of raw material, Industries are classified into which categories ?
Answer: Agro – based Industries and Mineral – based Industries.

7) On the grounds of capital investment, Industries are classified into which categories ?
Answer: Large scale industries and small scale industries.

8) What are basic Industries ?
Answer: These Industries supply their finished products to produce other products.

Chapter Manufacturing Industries most important 1 Mark questions

9) Give one example of joint sector Industries.
Answer: Oil india limited (OIL).

10) Name any two cooperative sector Industries in India.
Answer: Sugar industry in Maharashtra and Coir industry in Kerala.
11) How much textile industry contributed towards total industrial production ?
Answer: 14% to Industrial production.

12) How much foreign exchange is brought by textile industry in India ?
Answer: 24.6%.

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Materials made up of steel

13) Which industry in India is self reliant and completes its value chain?
Answer: Textile industry.

14) When was first successful cotton mill established in India?
Answer: The first successful cotton mill was established at mumbai in 1854.

15) Which Industry provide a living to farmers and workers ?
Answer: Cotton Industry.
16) Name the challenges faced by cotton industry in India?
Answer: low output of labour,competition with synthetic fibres, power supply is erratic.

17) Which country is largest producer of semi jute ( raw jute) and jute products?
Answer: India.
18) Which country is largest exporter of jute goods ?
Answer: Bangladesh.

Most important 1 Mark questions of Chapter Manufacturing Industries

19) When was first jute mill established in India?
Answer: The first jute mill was established at Rishta in 1859.

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20) In which region of India,most jute Mills are located ?
Answer: Hugli river basin area.

21) When was National jute policy introduced in India?
Answer: 2005.

Frequently asked 1 Mark questions of chapter Manufacturing Industries

22) Give one feature of National jute policy ?
Answer: It increased internal demand due to government policy of jute packaging.
23) What is india’s rank in production of sugar ?
Answer: 2nd.

24) Which country is largest producer of khandsari and Gur ?
Answer: India.

25) Which Industry is ideally appropriate to cooperative sector?
Answer: Sugar industry.

26) Name the challenges faced by sugar industry .
Answer: Seasonal nature of industry and transport delay in reaching cane to factories.
27) Which metal is used to harden the Steel ?
Answer: Manganese.

28) Write the ratio of required materials to make the steel.
Answer: Iron ore (4) : Coking coal (2): limestone (1).

29) Which country is largest producer of sponge iron?
Answer: India.

One word questions and answers of Chapter Manufacturing Industries

30) Which country is largest producer of steel?
Answer: China.

31) Which country is largest consumer of steel ?
Answer: China.

32) Write the full form of SAIL.
Answer: Steel Authority of India limited.

33) Where you would find maximum concentration of iron and steel industries?
Answer: Chota Nagpur plateau.

34) Name the challenges faced by Iron and steel industries.
Answer: Lower productivity of labour and Irregular supply of energy.

35) Name any two factors which gave boast to iron and steel industry.
Answer: Foreign direct investment and Liberalisation.
36) Which industry gained popularity in subsitute of steel ?
Answer: Aluminium Smelting Industry.
37) Which Metallic ore is needed for aluminium smelting industry ?
Answer: Bauxite.

Objective type questions of chapter Manufacturing Industries

38) How much chemical industry contributed to India’s GDP ?
Answer: 3% of total GDP.

39) Name the inorganic chemicals produced by Chemical industry.
Answer: Nitric acid, Phosphoric acid and Carbonic acid.

40) Name the organic chemicals produced by Chemical industry.
Answer: Petrochemicals and synthetic rubber.

41) Which Industry is own it’s largest consumer ?
Answer: Chemical industry.

42) “Chemical industry is own it’s largest consumer”. Justify the statement.
Answer: Basic chemicals undergo processing to produce further other chemicals.
43) Which Metallic compounds are imported in India ?
Answer: Potassium compounds.

44) Which revolution gave a boast to fertilizer industry?
Answer: Green Revolution.

45) Name the raw materials required by cement industry.
Answer: limestone, silica and Gypsum.

46) Why most cement industry are located in Gujarat ?
Answer: Because at Gujarat ,there is suitable acess to market in gulf countries.

47) Where was first cement plant established?
Answer: First cement industry was established at Chennai in 1904.

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48) Name the factor which led to rapid growth of cement industry in India?
Answer: Decontrol of price.

49) Which Industry is doing well in terms of export and production?
Answer: Cement industry.
50) Which industry experiences a quantum jump in terms of growth in last 15 years?
Answer: Automobile industry.

51) Which city in India emerged as a electronic capital of India ?
Answer: Bengalure.

Extra One word questions and answers of chapter Manufacturing Industries

52) How much percentage of women’s are employed in Information technological industry?
Answer: 30% of total people employed.

53) What is full form of BPO?
Answer: Business Processing Outsourcing.

54) Name the key factors which led to success of IT industry in India.
Answer: Continuous growth in hardware and software are key factors.

Industrial pollution (One Mark questions of chapter Manufacturing Industries)
55) Which Industries are main culprits towards air pollution?
Answer: Paper, pulp and chemical industries.

56) Name the four major solid wastes that are thrown in water.
Answer: Fly Ash,Phospo-Gypsum, iron and Steel slags.

57) What is cause of thermal pollution?
Answer: The main cause is when hot water is discharged into rivers,lakes and dams.
58) What are consequences of Noise pollution?
Answer: They are sources of stress. They can cause hearing impairment.

Conservation Measures (one word questions of chapter Manufacturing Industries)

59) By which means , Primary treatment can be done?
Answer: By Mechanical means.

60) What does mechanical means involve?
Answer: These involve flocculation and grinding.

61) By which means, Secondary treatment can be done?
Answer: By Biological means.

62) By which means, Tertiary treatment can be done?
Answer: By chemical, physical and biological means.

63) What does Tertiary treatment involve?
Answer: This involve recycling of water.

64) How smoke can be reduced in Industries?
Answer: Smoke can be reduced by using oil instead of coal.

65) How air particulate materials can be reduced in Industries?
Answer: Electrostatic precipitators,fabric filters, scrubbers and Inertial separators can be used.

66) How noise pollution can be reduced in Industries?
Answer: Noise absorbing materials should be used. 

67) Name the Iron and Steel plant of Karnataka ?
Name the two iron and Steel plants of southern India.
Answer: Vijayanagar and Bhardravati.

68) Name the Public sector steel plant located in chhatisgarh.
Answer: Bhilai Steel plant.

69) Where railway diesel engines are manufactured in Uttar Pradesh ?
Answer: Varanasi.

Chapter Manufacturing Industries 1 Mark Questions Conclusion

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