Class 12 Physics Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance MCQs

CBSE Class 12 Physics Chapter 2 Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance MCQs. These MCQs of Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance chapter are prepared by our Physics Expert. By practising following MCQs, students will be able to quickly revise all the concepts of the chapter.

Additionally, these MCQs of Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance will be helpfull for JEE And NEET Aspirants. These MCQs on Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance chapter are prepared as per the latest curriculum issued by the CBSE.

CBSE Class 12 Physics Chapter 2 Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance MCQs

1. The potential at 
the centre of the hexagon if, hexagon of side 8 𝑐m has a charge 
4𝜇 at each of its vertices. 
(a) 2.7 × 10^6 𝑉
(b) 7.2 × 10^11 𝑉
(c) 2.5 × 10^12 𝑉
(d) 3.4 × 10^4 𝑉
Answer: 3.4 × 10^4 𝑉

2. The potential difference between 𝐴 and 𝐵 if ,Two points A and B are located in 
diametrically opposite directions of a point 
charge of +2𝜇 at distances 2𝑚𝑚 and 1𝑚𝑚
respectively from it.
(a) 3 × 10^3 𝑉
(b) 6 × 10^4 𝑉
(c) −9 × 10^3 𝑉
(d) −3 × 10^3 𝑉
Answer: −9 × 10^3 𝑉

3. What is the potential difference and which point is at a 
higher potential, When a 2 𝜇C charge is carried from point A to point B, the amount of work done is 50 μ J by the electric field
(a) 25 V, B 
(b) 25 V, A 
(c) 20 V, B 
(d) both are at same potential
Answer: 25 V, A 

4. Two electric charges 12 𝜇 and −6 𝜇
are placed 20 𝑐m apart in air. There will be 
a point 𝑃 on the line joining these charges 
and outside the region between them, at 
which the electric potential is zero. The 
distance of 𝑃 from − 6 𝜇 charge is 
(a) 0.10 m 
(b) 0.15 m 
(c) 0.20 m 
(d) 0.25 m
Answer: 0.20 m

5. The magnitude of 
the electric field if ,Electric potential at any point is 𝑉 =−5𝑥 + 3𝑦+ √15𝑧
(a) 3√2 
(b) 4√2
(c) 5
(d) 7
Answer: 7

6. An electric field of 100 𝑉𝑚−1 exists 
along 𝑥-axis. The potential difference 
between a point 𝐴 (− 1𝑚𝑚, 0) and 𝐵(+3𝑚𝑚, 0)
(a) 200 𝑉
(b) − 200 𝑉
(c) 400 𝑉
(d) – 400 𝑉
Answer: − 200 𝑉

7. Then electric force 
acting on 2 coulomb point charge placed on origin will be if Electric potential is given by 𝑉 = 6𝑥 −8𝑥𝑦2 − 8𝑦+ 6𝑦− 4𝑥2. 
(a) 2N 
(b) 6N 
(c) 8N 
(d) 20N
Answer: 20N

8. Find the intensity of electrical field at a distance of 3𝑟 from its centre will beThe radius of a hollow metallic 
sphere is 𝑟. If the 𝑝. 𝑑. between its surface 
and a point is V from its centre at distance 3𝑟 .
(a) 𝑉/6r
(b) 𝑉/4𝑟
(c) 𝑉/3𝑟
(d) 𝑉/2𝑟
Answer: 𝑉/6r

9. Distance of 2cm from the centre of the sphere if A hollow metal sphere of radius 5 𝑐m is charged such that the potential on its 
surface is 10 𝑉. Find the potential?
(a) Zero 
(b) 10 V 
(c) 4 V 
(d) 10/3 V
Answer: 10 V 

10. What is the angle between electric 
field and equipotential surface? 
(a) 90° always 
(b) 0° always 
(c) 0° to 90° 
(d) 0° to 180° 
Answer: 90° always

11. When the separation between two 
charges is increased, the electric potential 
energy of the system of charges 
(a) Increases 
(b) Decreases 
(c) remains the same 
(d) may increase or decreases
Answer: Decreases

12. On which of the factors,capacity of parallel plate condenser depends on: 
(a) The type of metal used 
(b) The thickness of plates
(d) The distance between the plates
Answer: The distance between the plates

13. Find radius of the outer sphere if ,the capacitance of a spherical condenser is 1μf. If the spacing between the two sphere is 1mm.
(a) 30cm
(b) 6m
(c) 5cm
(d) 3m
Answer: 3m

14. In order to have same capacity as a sphere of radius 1m if the distance between the circular plates of a parallel 
plate condenser 40mm in diameter.
(a) 0.01mm
(b) 0.1mm
(c) 1.0 mm
(d) 10 mm
Answer: 0.1mm

15. On increasing the distance 
between the plates of a parallel plate condenser ,The true statement is
(a) Between the plates electric intensity will 
(b) The plates electric intensity will increase
(c) remain unchanged
(d) Between the plates P.D will decrease
Answer: remain unchanged

16. Find the radius if capacitance of a metallic sphere will be 1μf .
(a) 9km
(b) 10m
(c) 1.11m
(d) 1.11cm
Answer: 9km

17. If the distance between the plates is doubled and area 
is halved, then new capacitance will if ,the capacitance of a parallel plate condenser is 12μf. 
(a) 8μf
(b) 6μf
(c) 4μf
(d) 3μf
Answer: 3μf

18. A charge +Q is placed at origin. Find the work done in 
taking another point charge +q from (2a,0) to (a,0)
(a) 𝑲𝑸𝒒/𝒂
(b) 𝟑2𝑲𝑸𝒒𝒂
(c) 𝟐𝑲𝑸𝒒/𝒂
(d) None
Answer: None

19. If Potential at A is 100 J/C and 20 J of work has to be 
done in moving 5C of charge from A to B .Find Potential at B
a) 80 J/C
b) 104 J/C
c) 96 J/C
d) 120 J/C
Answer: 120 J/C

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