One Mark Questions of lifelines of National Economy Class 10 Chapter

Geography chapter 7th of class 10 Social Science: Lifelines of national economy. All one mark questions are covered. These one Mark Questions of Chapter lifelines of National Economy will give you detailed summary of chapter.

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Chapter Lifelines of national economy One Mark Questions

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Chapter : Lifelines of national economy
One Mark Questions

1) What is basic Necessity of Dense transportion ? 
Why do we need transport ?
Answer : Goods and services do not move on their own from Source locales to demand locales.

2) What are pre quisites for faster development ?
Answer : Efficient means of transport and communication.

3) For a long time , trade and transport were restricted to a ___________.
Answer: Limited Space.

4) “Transport and communication are interrelated to each other”. Justify the statement ?
Answer: These are required for faster Development.

5) Give one specific feature of roadways.
Answer: It provide door to door service and cost of loading the unloading is much lower.

6) Which cities are connected by North-south corridor ?
Answer: Srinagar to Kanyakumari.

7) Which cities are attached by East-west corridor ?
Answer: Silchar (Assam) to Porbandar (Gujarat).

8) What was major objective of Super highways ?
Answer: The major objective was to reduce time and distance between major cities of India.

9) Which authority supervises the Super highways project ?
Answer: National Authority of India (NHAI).

10) Which parts of country are linked by National highways ?
Answer: Extreme parts of country.

11) Which authority supervises the National Highways ?
Answer: Central public Works department CPWD.

12) What is another popular name of NH 1 ?
Answer: Sher shah Suri Marg.

13) Which cities are connected by NH-1 ?
Answer: Delhi and Amritsar.

14) Which national highway is longest in India ?
Answer: National highway no 7 linking varanasi to Kanyakumari.

15) Which national highway of India connects Delhi and Mumbai ?
Answer: NH-8.

Chapter Lifelines of national economy important one Mark Questions

16) Which parts of country are linked by State Highways ?
Answer: These roads are linking State capitals with different district headquarters.

17) Which authority regulates State highways ?
Answer: State public Works department PWD.

18) Which parts of country are connected by District Roads ?
Answer: These roads connect District headquarters with other places of district.

19) Which authority regulates District highways ?
Answer: Zila parishad.

20) Give one feature of Pradhan Mantri Graman Sadak Yojana ?
Answer: Special provisions are made so that every village in the country is connected to major town in country by an all motorable road.

21) Which authority maintains Roads in bordering areas of the country ?
Answer: BRO, Border Road Organization

22) When was Border Road Organization established ?
Answer: In 1960.

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Pawanhans Helicopters

23) Which roads are known as all weathered roads ?
Answer: Metalled Roads.
24) What is road density of Kerala (as on 31 March 2011) ?
Answer: 517.77 km.

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25) Mention the problems of roadways in cities ?
Answer: These are highly congested in cities . Moreover , bridges and culverts are aged and cramped.
26) Which mode of transportation is great integrating force for about 200 years ?
Answer: Railways.

27) Which mode of transportation is largest public sector undertaking in the country ?
Answer : Railways.

Chapter Lifelines of national economy most important one Mark questions

28) When was first train streamed off ?
Answer: In 1853.

29) What distance was covered by first train streamed off in India ?
Answer: Distance = 34 km.

30) Where Narrow Gauges of railways are found in India ?
Answer: In hilly areas of Ooty and Darjeeling.

31) Into how many Zones , Indian railway is now reorganized ?
Answer: 16 Zones.
32) Name the factors which influence the distribution pattern of railways ?
Answer: Physiologic, Economic and Administrative factors.

33) Name the problems of railways faced in Northern Plains .
Answer: Large number of rivers required construction of bridges or Culverts across their broad beds posed some problems.

34) Name the areas where it is difficult to lay railway lines .
Answer: On Sandy plains of Rajasthan,swamps of Gujarat,forested tracks of Jharkhand.
35) Which mode of transportation is new arrival on indian landform ?
Answer: Pipelines.

36) How solid material can also be transported through pipelines ?
Answer: Solid Materials can be converted into slurry ( which is liquid) and hence transported.

37) What is disadvantages of using pipelines ?
Answer: Initial cost of laying or constructing pipelines is High.

Chapter Resources and Development frequently asked One Mark questions

38) Name the three important networks of pipelines in India .
Answer: i ) From oil field in upper Assam to Kanpur in UP.
ii) From Salaya to jalandhar in punjab.
iii) Gas pipeline from Hazira in gujarat connects to jagdishpur in UP.

39) Which mode of transportation is Fuel efficient and environment friendly?
Answer: Waterways.
40) What is length of India’s inland navigation of waterways ?
Answer: 14,500 km.

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41) Which river flows through National waterway No 1 ?
Answer: Ganga River.

42) Which river flows through National waterway No 2 ?
Answer: Brahmaputra river.

43) Where is National waterway No 3 located ?
Answer: In Kerala ( west coast canal ).

44) Which National waterway is largest in length ?
Answer: National waterway No 1 ( 1620 km).

45) How many ports in India are major and Intermediate ports ?
Answer: 12 Major ports and 187 intermediate ports.

46) Which port was developed soon after independence of India ? 
Which port was established in the wake of loss of Karachi port to Pakistan ?
Answer: Kandla Port.

47) Which Major port is also Tidal port?
Which Major port in western India is used for Tidal Energy ?
Answer: Kandla Port.

48) Which Natural port is biggest port in India ?
Answer: Mumbai is natural port with well sheltered Harbour and is biggest port.

49) Which artificial port is biggest port in India ?
Answer: Chennai port

50) Which artificial port is oldest port of India ?
Answer: Chennai port ( Madras Port ).

Chapter Resources and Development One word Questions and Answers

51) Which port was developed as a subsidiary port to Mumbai port ?
Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru port .

52) Which port is known well for premier iron exporting port in India ?
Answer: Marmagao Port .

53) Which Port records for 50% of India’s Iron ore export ?
Answer: Marmagao Port.

54) Which port concentrates iron ore from Kudremukh mines ?
Answer: New Mangalore.

55) Which port  is india’s deepest landlocked and we’ll protected port ?
Answer: Vishakapatnam Port.

56) Name the Major port located in Odisha ?
Answer: Paradip port.

57) Which Major port is inland riverine port of India ?
Answer: Kolkata port .

58) Which port was developed to relieve pressure on kolkata port ?
Answer: Haldia port.

59) Which port serves hinterland of Ganga – Brahmaputra basin ?
Answer: Kolkata port.

60) Which port is positioned (located) at the opening of Lagoon with natural harbour ?
Answer: Kochi Port.
61) Which mean of Transport can cover difficult terrains like dense forests,high mountains,etc ?
Answer: Airways.

62) When was Air transport in India nationalised ?
Answer: 1953.

Chapter Lifelines of national economy Objective type Questions

63) Name the agency which is subsidiary of Indian Airlines .
Answer: Alliance Air.

64) Which agency in India provide International air services ?
Answer: Air India.

65) Which agency provide services to Oil and Natural Gas commission in its Off – shore organizations ?
Answer: Pawanhans Helicopters.

66) Which mode of transportation is not within reach of common people ?
Answer: Air Transport.

67) Which states of India have provision of air travel to common people ?
Answer: Northern – Eastern states.

68) Where is Raja Sansi International airport located ?
Answer: Amritsar , punjab.

Topic: Communication and Trade (Lifelines of national economy one Mark questions)

69) Which country postal network is largest in the world ?
Answer: India.

70) Name the things which comes under first – Class Mail.
Answer: Cards and Envelopes.

71) Name the things which comes under Second class mail.
Answer: Books and periodicals.

72) Name the six mail channels of India.
Answer: i) Rajdhani channel
                ii) Metro channel
               iii) Green channel
               iv) Business channel
               v) Bulk Mail channel
               vi) Periodical channel

73) How much villages in India are covered with STD telephone Facility ?
Answer: More than two thirds of the villages.

74) What is full form of STD ?
Answer: Subscriber Trunk Dialling.

75) Name the All India Radio .
Answer: Akashwani.

76) In Which language , most of newspapers are published in India?
Answer: Hindi.

77) Which country is largest producer of featured films in the world ?
Answer: India.

78) Which authority certify both indian and Foreign Films ?
Answer: Central Board of Film Certification. 

79) Why No country can survive without international trade ?
Answer: Because Resources are space bound.

Chapter Lifelines of national economy Extra One Mark Questions

80) What is unique feature when we exchange Commodities and goods ?
Answer: Exchange of Commodities and goods have been superseded by Exchange of Knowledge and information.

81) How many Foreign tourists visited in India in 2010 ?
Answer: 5.78 million .

82) Which country is at top of table in world best holiday heavan ?
Answer: Italy.

83) What is india’s rank in world best holiday heavan ?
Answer: 4th rank.

84) Name the Major port which is located near Tropic of Cancer ?
Answer: Kandla Port in Gujarat.

85) Why mail channels have been introduced ?
Answer: For Quick delivery of mails in cities and large villages.

86) Define the term ” Tourism “.
Answer: The cultural , recreational, Historical,political and commercial visit to internal places is known as Tourism.

87) Which is  the headquarter of the southern railway Zone.
Answer: Chennai.

88) Which is the southern terminal of the National Highway No. 7 ?
Answer: Kanyakumari.

89) Mention one busiest railway junction in Northern India ?
Answer: Mughalsarai in Uttar Pradesh.

Chapter Lifelines of national economy one Mark questions Conclusion

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